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Mark Clear - Vocals and Guitar

Racquel - Vocals
JD Daniel - Piano
Roly Platt - Harmonica
Stewart Meyers - Bass
John O'Riley - Drums 

Magic Garden Mastering
Brian Lucey
Los Angeles, CA

Avast! Recording Studios
Jay Follette - Mixing 
Seattle, WA

Graphic Design
Jay Nungesser

Mark Clear Remastered

Mark Clear - Vocals and Guitar
LA Lyons - Vocals
Andy Laster - Saxaphone
Joan M.  - Bass Guitar
Ron Young - Drums           



RFI Mastering
Mastered by Rick Fisher (2015)
Seattle, WA, 

Crow Recording
Tracked and Mixed by John Nelson (1984)
Seattle, WA

Top Two Studios - Artwork
Jay Nungesser - Graphic Artwork

Get Me Out of LA

Mark Clear - Vocals and Guitar

Racquel - Vocals
Doug Wamble - Slide Guitar
Roly Platt - Harmonica
Martin Motnik - Bass Guitar
Pat Bautz - Drums                                             


Capital Studios
Mastered by Robert Vosgien
Hollywood, CA

Avast! Recording
Mixed by Jay Follette
Seattle, WA

Cyril Helnwein - Photography
Jay Nungesser - Graphic Artwork

Gave You My Heart